AAP labs catalyze imagination and innovation to address urgent challenges facing our cities and communities. Led by faculty with deep disciplinary and trans-disciplinary expertise, the labs forge networks and collaborations that push boundaries to advance a more resilient, sustainable, and just world.

  • Adaptive Land Lab

    Linda Shi

    Studies why cities adopt regressive climate adaptation practices and what alternative approaches to property rights, land use and fiscal policies, and regional governance would enable more equitable and sustainable futures. 

  • Housing + Property Lab

    Suzanne Lanyi Charles

    Examines the effects of global housing investment on local neighborhoods and household access to affordable, secure, and stable housing.

  • Just Places Lab

    Jennifer Minner

    A multi-disciplinary research lab for igniting creative action, public imagination, and participatory place-keeping in the built environment.

  • Legal Constructs Lab

    Sara Bronin

    Leads interdisciplinary projects in property, land use, historic preservation, and energy, inquiring into how law can foster more equitable, sustainable, well-designed, and connected places.

  • Local Government Restructuring Lab

    Mildred Warner

    From finance and infrastructure policy to economic development, planning, and public health, the Local Government Restructuring Lab explores cutting-edge research to inform public practice.

  • Transportation Access and Policy Lab

    Nicholas J. Klein

    Focused on urban transportation, the lab studies the role that transportation plays in social and economic mobility, public opinions, and new technologies.

  • Water In, Water Out Lab

    Victoria A. Beard

    Produces new research on the water to waste cycle, across actionable scales, from source protection to household access. The lab connects knowledge to action to create more equitable and sustainable urban water management systems.

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