First-Year B.Arch. Supply Kit

The following is a draft list of basic equipment and supplies which represents the minimum required for the first-year design class, ARCH 1101 Design I, and for ARCH 1501 Representation I. A final list will be posted by June 1. Students are encouraged to purchase this equipment from the Cornell Store prior to arrival in August. Students who wish to purchase these items elsewhere may do so, but are cautioned to purchase only professional-quality items.

AAP is having a special supplier assemble these items in kit form, at a substantial discount over the individual prices of the materials. The estimated cost of this kit is $950 and can only be purchased without deletions or substitutions.*

Students who would like to order the kit in advance should place an order with the Cornell Store.  When ordering online, students will be prompted for the term (Fall 2017), department (ARCH), course (1101), and section (501, Warke, V.). If preordered, supply kits will be delivered the first day of architecture studio on Wednesday, August 23. Anyone who does not preorder their kit will need to go to the Cornell Store in person to pay for and pick up their kit. Students who have completed a summer architecture program may already have some of these supplies; please assess existing supplies prior to ordering the kit.

Item Quantity
Orange Fiskars straight scissors, 8" 1
Olfa Blades, LB-5LB, 5 pack 1
Cross action tweezers 1
Cutting mat, black or green, 24" x 36" 1
X-ACTO #1 knife with safety cap 1
X-ACTO #11 blades, 15 pack 1
Olfa heavy duty knife, L1 1
NLS metric scale 1
Stanley Bostitch tape measure, 12' 1
Stainless steel ruler, 18" 1
Triangular scale for architects, color coded, 12" 1
Mayline parallel straightedge with Armoredge, 42" 1
Stainless steel square, 3" x 4" 1
Stainless steel triangle, 3" 1
NLS adjustable triangle, 12" 1
Template small circles 1
Template combo ellipse 1
Compass quickbow with extension bar 1
Sobo Glue, 16 oz. 1
Rubber cement, 8 oz. 1
Drafting tape, 1/2" x 60' 1
Moore #5, 5/8" aluminum push pins, 100 pack 1
Vyco double-sided tape, 1" x 25' 1
Drafting brush 1
Erasing shield 1
Mars plastic drafting eraser 1
Dahle pencil sharpener, 2 hole 1
Generals draughting pencil, 2B, 2 pack 10
Ebony pencil, 2 pack 6
Alvin rotary lead pointer 1
NLS technigraph lead holder, 2mm 2
Lead, HB, 2mm 1
Lead, H, 2mm 1
Lead, 2H, 2mm 1
Lead, 4H, 2mm 1
Drawing board, white, 31" x 42" 1
Vyco gray/white board cover, 31" x 42" 1
Cachet Classic hardbound sketch book, 8" x 11" 1
Strathmore 300 rough newsprint, 50 sheets, 14" x 17" 1
Large dry cleaning pad 1
Sketch trace roll, white, 12" x 50 yards 1
Sketch trace roll, white, 18" x 50 yards 1
Adjustable swing arm lamp, black 1
EconoBrite S4079 frosted light bulb, 100 watt, single 1
Vellum roll, 24" x 5 yards 1
Chipboard, 1-ply, 32" x 40" 1
Master Lock, 1500d dial combination lock, black 1

Note: In addition to this initial investment in basic equipment, students should allow a minimum of $1,100 for expendable supplies each academic year. Those items for which a brand name is supplied should be purchased as such unless an alternative equal is indicated.

*All items are nonreturnable. Missing or defective items will be replaced.