Upcoming and Ongoing
9/22–10/10 Paul Thomas and Kevin Raxworthy: Nanoessence
Untitled (2) (2008), lot number 52, collage on paper.
9/29–10/22 Anthony Titus: Surface Mining
Adam Michaels: Project Projects
9/29–10/17 Adam Michaels: Project Projects Portfolio
Work by Connie Wong
9/29–10/3 Connie Wong: Aftermath
Bill and Melinda Gates Hall
10/1 Thom Mayne Lecture
Detail from China Mielville's The City and the City book cover
10/3 Raymond Craib, Neema Kudva, Suman Seth: A Conversation on The City and the City by China Miéville
Raymond smiling in a crowd
10/6 Yasmil Raymond: On Attention and Art
Old black and white photo of people and houses
10/7 Richard Campanella: Two Centuries of Paradox: The Geography of New Orleans’ African American Population
Book cover
10/7 D. Medina Lasansky: Book Launch
Warroad Minnesota Land Port of Entry by Snow Kreilich Architects, 2010
10/9 Julie Snow: Design Performance
Rendering of Shanghai Tower
10/13–11/7 Gensler: Shanghai Tower
Scaffold House, Begur, Girona, Spain. bosch.capdeferro arquitectures , 2014
10/15 Ramón Bosch and Bet Capdeferro: Microclimates, Microcosms
10/16 Cornell Career Services: Jobs and Internships Best Practices
10/17 Zhilin Liu (canceled)
10/17 Shanjun Li: Better Lucky Than Rich? Welfare Analysis of Automobile License Allocations in Beijing and Shanghai
Crowds in a city in front of fall trees
10/21 Jerold S. Kayden: Occupying Public Space
10/22 Cornell Career Services: Preparing Visual Materials for Design Careers
Invisible House, Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia, 2012
10/22 Peter Stutchbury: Ancient Thinking
Two bicycle riders
10/23–10/25 Sound Art and the City: Mapping Sound and Urban Space in the Americas
Khan Skowhegan Sketches
10/23 Baseera Khan: Skowhegan Sketches
People protesting
10/24 Judith Clifton: The Impact of Austerity on Local Public Services in Europe
Open artist book
10/27–11/28 Print Text Language
Mother and children biking in city street
10/28 Sharon Zukin: The Globalization of Local Shopping Streets: Urban Ecosystems from New York to Shanghai
Ariel view
10/29 Kelly Shannon and Bruno De Meulder: Water Urbanisms East
Work by José María Sánchez Gárcia
10/30 José María Sánchez Gárcia: Opposite Landscapes
Overhead view of the L. P. Kwee Studios
11/3 Fall 2014 Architecture Graduate Open House
11/3 Cornell Career Services: Interviewing Strategies, Tips, and Best Practices
Cars parked outside of a mountain-bordered city
11/7 David Mason: Land, Land Everywhere; Nor Any Infrastructure to Link
Nemunoki Children's Art Museum by Sean Wen (M.Arch. '14), James Nguyen (B.Arch. '14)
11/10–11/21 Structural Systems Class, Fall 2014
Full scale facsimile of the Wall House at 13th Architecture Bienniale in Venice, 2012
11/12 Anupama Kundoo: Building Knowledge
Square print with offset circular patterns
11/13 Anoka Faruqee: Future Perfect
Men squatting while eating at a demolition site
11/14 J. P. Sniadecki: Chaiqian/Demolition Film Screening and Filmmaker's Talk
11/14 J. P. Sniadecki: Demolitian (Chaiqian) Film Screening and Filmmaker's Talk
11/17 Alessandro Cambi, Ludovica Di Falco, Francesco Marinelli, and Paolo Mezzalama: -SCAPE Architecture: Close Up
11/18 Michael Sorkin: How Green Was My City
11/21 Esra Akcan: Open Architecture and the Noncitizen: Urban Renewal of Kreuzberg-Berlin (IBA ’1984/87)
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