History of Architecture and Urban Development Degree Details

The History of Architecture and Urban Development (HAUD) program at Cornell offers a doctor of philosophy (Ph.D.), and represents a sophisticated blend of interdisciplinary research and scholarship. Projects, lectures, and publications produced within the HAUD program showcase the diverse range of topics and methodologies embraced by the field. The number and stature of awards, fellowships, and conference invitations HAUD students receive underscore the vitality of the program.

HAUD Student Accomplishment Highlights

News (selected)

Thesis and Dissertation Titles (selected)

  • Chad Randl, Live Better Where You Are: Home Improvement and The Rhetoric of Renewal (Ph.D. dissertation 2014)
  • Whitten Overby, Postcards from God: Grace and the Corporate Everyday at Orlando's Holy Land Experience (master's thesis 2013)
  • Margot Lystra, Between Making and Seeing: Overlay Drawing Practices in 1960s–70s Environmental Design (master's thesis 2012)

Books (selected)

  • Sophie Hochhausl, Otto Neurath - City Planning; Proposing a Socio-Political Map for Modern Urbanism (2011)
  • Chad Randl, Revolving Architecture: A History of Buildings that Rotate, Swivel and Pivot (2008)
  • Thasia Way, Unbounded Practice: Women and Landscape Architecture in the Early 20th Century (2008)

Journal Publications (recent)

  • 2014 and forthcoming: Architectural Histories; Sacred Precincts: Non-Muslim Religious Sites in Islamic Territories; Studies in the History of Gardens & Designed Landscapes
  • 2013: Anatolian Studies Arredamento Mimarlik (Turkish monthly journal for design, art, and architecture); Building and Landscapes; Direnişi Düşünmek; La Monde Diplomatique
  • 2011: Arredamento Mimarlik; The Journal of Theory and Practice

Conference Presentations (recent)

  • 2014: "Deindustrialization and its Aftermath"; Society of Architectural Historians Conference
  • 2013: Italian Association of Urban History Conference; American Culture Association Regional Conference; 8th Savannah Symposium; "Fallout" symposium; History of Art Annual Graduate Student Symposium; National Pop Culture Association Conference; Society of Architectural Historians Conference
  • 2012: Annual meeting of the American Society of Oriental Research; European Architectural History Network; International Committee for the History of Technology; NOMAD Seminar; Skopje Architecture Week; Society of Architectural Historians Conference

Exhibitions (recent)

  • 2015: Gastro-Porn, digital exhibition created for ARCH 6805 Practicum: Gastro-PornThis course exercises history of architecture and urbanism's capacities for affecting contemporary events through critical associations with the past. The workshop culminates in an exhibition, publication, symposium, curricular initiative, or other public occasion. Enrollment of qualified graduate students from associated fields is encouraged.