Master of Architecture (Post-Professional) Degree Details

Cornell's post-professional master of architecture (M.Arch.II) is an intensive, three-semester, advanced design research (ADR) program. Interdisciplinary in intent and content, the program engages the wealth of academic resources in AAP, across Cornell, and throughout an extensive global network.

Open to individuals holding a bachelor of architecture or professional master of architecture degree, the program offers a critical framework for investigating pertinent design concerns, practices, and technologies in 21st-century architecture and urbanism.

The first semester of study takes place at AAP NYC during the summer.

Territories of Investigation

A structure of core and elective studios and courses allows students to pursue trajectories of inquiry within one of four interrelated territories of investigation:

Architecture and Discourse (A+D): Theory, criticism, publishing, cultural production, design research, history and contemporaneity

Architecture and Ecology (A+E): Sustainable practices, soft infrastructures, materials research, environmental simulation, computational design, digital fabrication, performance driven design

Architecture and Representation (A+R): Emerging technologies, drawing fields, digital and generative design, new cartographies, media spaces, architectural publications and exhibitions, theories of representation

Architecture and Urbanism (A+U): Urban geography, typological studies, urban theory, networks, infrastructures, urban imaging, ecological urbanism