Nancy Brooks

Nancy Brooks's research centers on policy-oriented theoretical and empirical microeconomics with a focus on environmental and urban/regional economics. Her research has a multidisciplinary focus that overlaps with geography, regional science, and sociology. A common thread that weaves through her work is the investigation of the implications for both equity and efficiency of the market failure typically known as an externality.

Brooks received a B.A. in economics from the College of William and Mary and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

Classes (Selected)

  • CRP 5122 Intermediate Microeconomics for Public Affairs The primary learning goals of this course are (1) to understand the core concepts of microeconomics and (2) to develop your analytical problem-solving skills. This course differs from typical intermediate-level microeconomic courses in that there will be more emphasis on the role of policy and the public sector in the economy, although understanding the role and effectiveness of markets will remain central.  This course is not a substitute for a full-semester comprehensive course in public economics but is a good foundation for that field-level course.  
  • CRP 5450 Inferential Statistics for Planning and Public PolicyThis course is an introduction to the inferential statistical methods and econometrics/regression analysis needed to understand empirical public policy and planning research and to do basic applied policy analysis. The statistical concepts are illustrated using data and examples primarily from the fields of public policy and planning.
  • CRP 5040/4040 Urban EconomicsThis course introduces the concepts and methods used by economists to study not only cities, regions and their relationships with each other, but, more generally, the spatial aspects and outcomes of decision-making by households and firms. Areas examined include determinants of urban growth and decline, land and housing markets, transportation issues, segregation and poverty, and the allocation and distribution of urban public services. 

Publications (Selected)

  • Oxford Handbook of Urban Economics & Planning, with editors Kieran Donaghy and Gerrit-Jan Knaap (2011)
  • "Integrating Economic Research, Education, and Service," with Richard Schramm, Journal of Economic Education (2007)
  • "The Distribution of Pollution: Community Characteristics and Exposure to Air Toxics," with Rajiv Sethi, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management (1997), reprinted: International Library of Environment Economics and Policy (2009)
  • "The Effects of Community Characteristics on Community Social Behavior", Journal of Ecomic Behavior and Organization (2001)
  • "Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Traffic Stops: Analysis of Vermont State Police Data," with Stephanie Segunio (2016)