Work by Veronica Constable


I am interested in the idea of the gaze, the nuances associated with the notion of agency of the subject and the image, and depicting trauma through life-sized colored pencil drawings of my sisters. The Narcissistic Family refers to a book written by Robert and Stephanie Pressman who discuss the concept of a narcissistic family as a dysfunctional familial system in which the needs of the parents supersede the needs of their children. Disregarding stereotypes, dysfunctional behavior can be incredibly subtle or explicit, thus making it difficult to see and understand. I am interested in bringing attention to these issues not only in the art world but to a larger demographic as well. Each drawing is around eight to 10 feet long and takes several hundred hours to complete over a period of one to two months. By exhibiting them on the floor, I am encouraging the viewer to consider two critical ideas — the vulnerability stemming from the way in which the work is presented, and the way in which this vulnerability alters the perception of not only the work but the subject of the work as well.

Veronica Constable