Work by Brice Peterson

  • Brice Peterson, M.F.A. 2019
  • Hometown Turnersville, New Jersey
  • Website Brice Peterson

In this work, the immediacy and perpetuity of access to pre-digital media online invites the celebrity idol — by and large Angela Lansbury and her avatar Jessica Fletcher from "Murder, She Wrote" — directly into the living space of the fan, collapsing the distance between the obsessed and the object of his obsession, while also highlighting the potentially absurd, pathetic, and disturbing route of such atemporal consumption. Lansbury and other iconic figures stand in as omniscient divinities, grandmothers, lovers, and the artist himself, who not only projects himself onto the celebrities he adores, but also onto the decorative accoutrements and sentimentalized consumer goods that define a particular, queer suburban aesthetic.