Prison + Hotel

black and white headshot
  • Lucy Flieger, B.Arch. 2019
  • Hometown

    New York City
  • Class

    ARCH 3101 Design V: Hybridity in the City
  • Instructor

    Werner Goehner

Prison + Hotel is an investigation into the concept of architectural hybridity which utilizes the idea of "service versus served" to understand how architecture may choreograph a proximal relationship between highly discrete programs. In this situation, a low-security prison functions as the service component of a high-quality hotel. As a parasitic addition to the High Line, the program of the Prison + Hotel occupies three spatial conditions: underside, walkway, and airspace. The program is suspended from structural frames which encapsulate the High Line; prisoners reside in individual cells beneath the famous platform walkway, while hotel guests float above it. While there are consistent and basic zones of occupation, the rules must be broken in order for the organism to function; the prison and the hotel must interact. There is thus a constant interplay and confusion of who belongs to what level, blurring the line between prisoner and guest, the service and served.

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