My Climate Change Anxiety

  • Matéa LeBeau, B.F.A. 2022
  • Hometown

    Los Angeles, California
  • Class

    ART 2701 Introduction to Digital Media
  • Instructor

    Assistant Professor of the Practice New Media Jaret Vadera

For my self directed digital media project, I wanted to depict the ways in which my daily rituals or habits end up contributing to the seemingly inescapable problem that is climate change. Climate change gives me extreme amounts of anxiety, so my goal for this video was to describe how this issue makes me feel while attempting to make my audience share these anxieties. Through hand-drawn animated segments, I address guilt associated with using dairy or meat products, coffee, single-use cups and plastics, soy, purchasing from fast fashion industries, and unnecessary carbon emissions while explaining how much of an environmental impact these simple decisions can make.

I'm very interested in how art and climate change can work together to create engaging visual content, and I'm eager to continue to find ways in which art can inform my audience about environmentalism and sustainable practices.

~Matéa LeBeau

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