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Similarly, a building on a pristine natural setting can be understood as a sign of itself: a manmade thing in the world, an inscription, a marker, a gravestone, a monolith, a more or less ruined footprint of a forgotten meaning. Within the format of a tower (opaque and robust for the purpose of the semester's project) it becomes an explicit contradiction: its minimal footprint allows for its maximum visibility (not only to see beyond but to be seen from afar).

The context for this tower will be the dramatic desert of southern California, on a buffer zone that surrounds the legal frontiers of a National Park. Beyond the refusal of an overcrowded, polluted urban life and its counterweight (the idealized return to a primordial origin, to pure wilderness), the tower will function as a destination place for a traditional, yet highly sophisticated and specialized practice: the art of print-making.

Studio Professors
Mauricio Pezo, Sofía von Ellrichshausen, Rodolfo R. Dias

Selin Cebel, Victoria Grey Clarke, Joyce Jin, Anbar Oreizi-Esfahani, Chae Yeon Park, Laura Stargala, Brennen Brynes Stenke, Chi Yamakawa, Mengyi Yan, Jeonghyun Yoo, Jiarui Zhang, Yuyang Zhang


People standing in a desert with a cloudy blue sky above.

Studio site visit images by Visiting Critic Rodolfo Reis Dias & Laura Stargala (M.Arch. '20).
  • A collection of architectural sculptures sitting on the ground in a group formation.

    Collective studio models.
  • A view as seen form above of the inside of a tower with black outlines and shapes on a white background.

    Work by Chae Yeon Park, Laura Stargala (M.Arch. '20).

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