ARCH 4101/4102/5101/7112
Sand Castle

a painting of a room with bar yellow walls with a doorway into a blue room

Pezo von Ellrichshausen, 71707161201 (2016), oil on canvas, 180 x 240 cm.

Despite the current confusion, there are buildings and there are representations of buildings. The former is a physical construction (a material object in a certain context) and the latter a virtual construction (or an intellectual apparatus, an illusion) "about" that physical construction. Of course, there are also representations of sheer architectonic ideas, even of unbuildable dreams. We were told that architecture is no other than the fictional reinvention of mere buildings (sand, air, or black castles). Within this literary license, the studio will tackle the spatial problem of a deep plan (from the topographic extension of a ground floor to the topological distinction between boundary and core). Extending our paradoxical attempts to inhabiting nature, we will further explore the overlap between living and working in the format of a small house with a large library (or vice versa). Thus, buildings will be understood as the temporary custody (and delight) of a vast repository of "vegetal memory" (after Eco). Under the assumption that following a total takeover of digital data, important human knowledge carefully printed on precious volumes will be turned into a collection of rare items (almost with the status of a work of art). The otherwise central social and urban role of the library, for the purpose of the studio's romantic pursuit, will be displaced to a marginal place (to Fire Island, an eroded wilderness trapped between the metropolitan exodus and the ocean's tides). Thus, barely beyond the urban protocols, this priceless collection of books will be an extravagant destination at the seaside. Following our Naïve Intention program (intimate research on the apparent contradiction between intentionality and chance, rationality and futility, prediction and circumstance, authorship and anonymity), every student will elaborate a precise "inventory" of architectonic propositions, a selection of which will be developed through handmade models, drawings, and paintings.

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