Select Your Classes

Ballot Process

Elective class selection may take place through an online ballot that you will receive via email during the semester prior to your departure. It is important that you choose your classes carefully on this ballot — think of it as the equivalent of registering for classes. We will do our best to honor your class choices based on time and space constraints. Later changes to your class schedule can only be made after consultation with AAP Student Services. Descriptions of elective classes can be found on the Cornell in Rome website.

If enrollment does not take place through this ballot process, you will register for classes as you normally do through Student Center. We will confirm the process of your registration before pre-enrollment is regularly scheduled to begin.

Italian Language Study

There are two options for Italian language study: a short, non-credit class before the start of the semester and a semester-long class. Both classes begin one to two weeks before the start of the semester. This pre-semester portion of the semester-long class counts as a significant percentage of the grade for the class. Furthermore, since learning a language is a cumulative process, it is essential that you attend every session of the pre-semester language class.

The Cornell in Rome faculty and staff highly recommend that you enroll in the non-credit Italian class. The instruction will help you feel more comfortable with the day-to-day activities of living in Rome, and more prepared for field trips to areas of Italy that are not as cosmopolitan as Rome. Furthermore, this class gives you the opportunity to spend some extra time in Rome!

Sample Class Plans

B.Arch. Studio

  • ARCH 3101 Design V / ARCH 3102 Design VI (6 credits) (required)
  • ARCH 3301 Architectural Analysis II: Architecture, the City, and Landscape (3 credits) (required)
  • One studio art elective (3 credits)
  • One architectural history elective (3 credits)
  • Intensive Italian (non-credit)

15 credits total

Foundations in Architecture

  • ARCH 1120 Architecture Design Studio (4 credits) (required)
  • ARCH 3420 Architectural Field Studies (2 credits) (required)
  • ARCH 3520 Architectural Portfolio Development (1 credit) (required)
  • ITAL 1110 (4 credits)
  • Two electives, chosen from art or architectural history classes

17 credits total

Fine Arts

  • ART 3001 Rome Studio (6 credits) (required)
  • ART 3102 Contemporary Rome Seminar (4 credits) (required)
  • ART 3902 International Professional Practice (1 credit) (required only if participating in an internship)
  • Two electives, chosen from art or architectural history classes or the Italian language class

16/17 credits total

Urban Studies

  • CRP 4160 Rome Workshop (6 credits) (required)
  • Italian language class (4 credits)
  • Two electives, chosen from urban studies electives or art and architectural history classes

16 credits total

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