Live in Rome

Cornell in Rome Apartments

Cornell in Rome houses all of the undergraduate students within our own apartments. You will specify your housing preferences and receive your room assignment through the university StarRez system. Most apartments are inclusive of all genders, but rooms are single gender. We cannot guarantee a single gender apartment, but please let us know if this is your preference in the housing application.

Please be aware that there are very few single rooms, and it is unlikely that you will receive one. Nevertheless, please indicate your preference on the application form.


  • Your Cornell in Rome apartment will be furnished, and have an equipped kitchen, blankets, sheets, and towels.
  • Cornell in Rome apartments are within a 20-minute walk to the Palazzo.
  • Spaces, in general, will be smaller than you are accustomed to. It is important that you negotiate with your roommate and apartment-mates to ensure that the needs of everyone are met.
  • Smaller sizing extends to household items such as trash bins, refrigerators, and other appliances. Italians tend to shop for food and dispose of trash on a daily basis. Be sure to comply with regulations for trash disposal, recycling, and compost.
  • The internet connection will be less stable than in Ithaca. The staff in Rome do their best to maintain connections for all students.
  • Please be considerate and limit your showers to five minutes, since this water must be shared by everyone and it can take some time for the water to reheat.
  • By city ordinance, heating systems are only active from November 15 to April 15. Therefore, interior spaces are often only slightly warmer than the temperature outside.
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