Welcome New B.F.A. Students

Renate Ferro

Congratulations and welcome to the Department of Art and the College of Architecture, Art and Planning. My name is Renate Ferro. As a faculty member and Director of Undergraduate Studies, I have been working closely with our art faculty and student services team. We will be working enthusiastically throughout the spring and summer to prepare for your first semester at Cornell.

Our dynamic B.F.A. program is designed to combine intensive studio culture in art enhanced with electives from across the university so you, our students, will be able to form interdisciplinary relationships with other areas of study. The program will allow you to map a highly individualized curriculum consisting of 65 credits of art and 55 open credits from other areas. During your first year you will immerse yourself in the production of art, and at the same time, you will learn to contextualize your art practice through research, reading, writing, and discussion with your peers. We anticipate that through mentoring during your first and second year, you will begin to make meaningful links between art and the important research areas that emerge for you.

To prepare for our first meeting, make sure you carefully review the first-year informational links on this page that are specifically designed to acquaint you with our program and college. It is in this information that you will find details about first-year studios and classes, computer and software recommendations, and other important information.

You will be introduced to the B.F.A. Workspace, an online platform that you will use throughout your four years at Cornell to organize and plan your individualized curriculum. A link will be sent to you in early summer. Once you receive this link you will be asked to add a photo and submit an introductory biography so that our faculty will get to know a bit about you before you arrive.

Congratulations on being accepted to our program. At this time, on behalf of the entire Department of Art, I want to extend to you our heartfelt hopes for good health and safety to you and those around you during this recent pandemic.

We look forward to meeting you and wish you a warm and restful summer.


Renate Ferro
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Visiting Associate professor


Fall 2020 Student Schedule

All first-year B.F.A. students will enroll in the following classes, totaling a minimum of 16 academic credits, plus 1 non-academic physical education (PE) credit, in the fall semester:

  • ART 2103 First-Year Studio Research Workshop (4 credits)
  • ART 2501 Drawing: Contemporary Art Practice through Drawing (4 credits)
  • One of the following art studio classes (4 credits total):
    • ART 2201 Introduction to Painting (4 credits)
    • ART 2301 Introduction to Print Media (4 credits)
    • ART 2401 Introduction to Sculpture (4 credits)
    • ART 2601 Introduction to Photography (4 credits)
    • ART 2701 Introduction to Digital Media (4 credits)
  • ART 2900 Shop/Tech (1 credit)
  • One to two additional classes of your choice (3 to 8 credits)
  • Physical Education (1 non-academic credit)


Class Enrollment Procedures

ART 2103, ART 2501, ART 2900: AAP's Office of Student Services will enroll all B.F.A. students in ART 2103, ART 2501, and ART 2900 by July 1. After that date, students can confirm their enrollment in Student Center.

Additional Art Studio: B.F.A. students are required to enroll in one additional studio in the fall semester. To secure a space in your preferred studio practice area, please submit your studio ballot request by June 1. Further instructions are available on the B.F.A. Studio Ballot Form. Students can confirm their art studio enrollment after July 1 in Student Center.

Electives: B.F.A. students have the opportunity to enroll in one or two additional electives classes. These classes are a chance for you to take advantage of the academic breadth of the university, to take a class you know you'll love, or find something new to try. You can also choose to take a third studio instead of one of your electives. Students will enroll in electives using Student Center from Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 17. A complete listing of classes is available in the fall 2020 course and time roster. Be sure to enroll in an elective that does not conflict with required classes.

Physical Education (PE): All Cornell students are required to complete two PE classes in the first year of study. Students will enroll in PE using Student Center from Monday, July 13, through Friday, July 17. A complete listing of PE classes is available in the fall 2020 course and time roster. Be sure to enroll in a PE class that does not conflict with required classes.

How to Enroll in Classes

Step-by-step enrollment instructions, including tutorials, are available online. Please review this information before the enrollment period begins.

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