Darkrooms and Print Media Facilities


Multiple darkrooms in Tjaden Hall support work with all camera formats up to 8" x 10". Color darkrooms feature individual enlarging rooms and a 30" color print processor. A shooting studio includes seamless backgrounds, and tungsten and electronic flash lighting equipment. Professional-grade medium format, large format, and digital cameras are available to advanced students. Scanners, printers, and video equipment are available in the computer lab.

Black and White Darkroom

  • Beseler 23cII/III enlargers
  • Beseler 4" x 5" enlargers
  • Mural printing facility

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Color Darkroom

  • 30” Kreonite Color Processor
  • Omega Super Chromega D Dichroic II 4" x 5" enlargers
  • Omega 8" x 10" enlarger

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Alternative and Analog Equipment and Lighting

  • Alternative Processes Equipment

  • Epson 4900 printer
  • Exposing table, 32" x 44”
  • Analog Camera Equipment (for class use only)

  • Fully manual 35mm cameras
  • Twin Lens Reflex cameras
  • Mamiya RB67
  • Hasselblad System
  • Fuji 6" x 9"
  • View cameras 
  • light meters
  • Studio / Lighting Equipment

  • Various light stands, clamps and modifiers
  • Hensel: generators and strobe heads 
  • White Lightning and Elenchrome Monolights
  • Lowel Omni travel light kits
  • Lowel DP studio lights
  • Seamless backdrops

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Print Media Facilities

The print media facilities include dedicated studios for intaglio, lithography, screen printing;  a darkroom for hybrid processes; as well as the full range of services offered in the digital fabrication lab. An additional studio designated for graduate student and faculty use provides a professional space for fully resolved projects and serves as a pedagogical model studio where collaborations take place between artists. The print studios incorporate other material processes beyond their designed uses, including papermaking and casting, book making, woodcut, and monotype.

Intaglio Studio

  • Charles Brand etching presses (3),  30'' x 50'', 26'' x 48'', and 20'' x 40''
  • Tackach-Garfield intaglio press, 44'' x 84'' 
  • Merco Savoy hot plates (3)
  • Fume hood, 47'' x 90'' x 58''
  • Large format Aquatint box
  • Horizontal acid baths (2), 30” x 40” and 18” x 24”
  • Variety of etching tools, rollers, and brayers

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Lithography Studio

  • Tackach-Garfield hand-operated lithography press, 34'' x 60'' (2)
  • Charles Brand hand-operated lithography press, 30'' x 52''
  • Fuchs and Lane lithography press, 25'' x 36''
  • Large graining sink for stone Lithography
  • Large assortment of rollers and brayers

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Screen Printing Studio

  • AWT World Trade Direct Exposure table, 32'' x 54''
  • Separate wet and dark space with spray booth
  • David Reina Design beater with bronze Roll (pulp making machine)
  • More than 50 screens to select among

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Graphics Darkroom

  • NuArc lithography exposure system, 41" x 31"
  • Stainless steel washout sink, 48'' x 108'' 

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Graduate/Faculty Studio

  • American French Tool intaglio press, 40'' x 70''
  • Tackach-Garfield motorized lithography press, 34'' x 60''
  • Charles Brand etching press, 16'' x 30''
  • Merco Savoy hot plate
  • Valad Electric Heating Company hot plate

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Digital Fabrication Shop