Timothy W. Ventimiglia

Tim Ventimiglia is the director of Berlin Office of Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA), an international practice specializing in museum planning and exhibition design. For RAA's European clients, he oversees the planning and design of commissions ranging from art, natural history, science and technology, social and cultural history museums, memorials, historic sites, parks and public spaces.

Museum planning and exhibition design is a very specialized area of practice for which there is no established academic curriculum. On reflecting on the role of his architectural education at Cornell and chosen career path he says, "Looking now from a vantage of more than two decades in practice, I think that any great design education must contain an essential paradox: on the one hand, it must be very introspective, a kind of disciplined personal journey, but it also must be very open to influences beyond the traditional and technical scope of a single profession. AAP's academic intensity and focus and the University's expansive range of academic offerings provided an inspiring context for both to occur."

A Cornell summer studio in Europe set Ventimiglia on a professional course that he is still following. After winning an international design competition for the Humboldt Forum — a visionary new center for world cultures in Berlin, Germany — he is currently directing the design of the Forum's 200,000-square-foot permanent exhibitions to feature the State-owned research and art collections of non-European cultures. Of this enormous task he says, "It is like designing the entire Metropolitan Museum in one shot."

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