Steven Mankouche

Steven Mankouche has been an associate professor of architecture at the University of Michigan since 2003. He is also a principal and founder of Archolab (Architecture Research Collaborative), which he launched in 2010, and principal of Atelier Mankouche which he founded in 1996.

"[Cornell was] formative as a pedagogical model for my career as an educator," says Mankouche. "As a freshman, I was exposed to ways of conceiving architecture that have formed the foundation of my interest in material practice and its relation to digital craft." He cites John Zissovici and Arthur Ovaska as key influences, and Dragon Day 1992 ("I made one of the two heads out of aluminum flashing!") as a favorite memory of his time at Cornell.

Currently, Mankouche is working on a project in Detroit called AFTERHOUSE. Using passive geothermal energy, AFTERHOUSE uses the foundation of an abandoned home as the shell for an enclosed greenhouse. Mankouche is also continuing his research on revisiting pre-electrification obsolete building technologies through digital fabrication.

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