Ron Kelly

As project manager, Ron Kelly is leading a team of subject matter experts in banking, commercial lending, and economic development policy to complete an analysis of the lending programs under the Treasury Department's state small business credit initiative. This effort entails a comprehensive analysis of nearly 150 lending programs designed by state agencies around the U.S. with funded small business investment programs totaling over $1 billion.

Kelly is the project manager for two economic and workforce development planning projects funded by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Sustainable Communities program. Facilitating the planning process of regional efforts in Knoxville, Tennessee, and Erie, Pennsylvania, he is working with community and business leaders to identify and implement sustainable economic and workforce development efforts.

Kelly provides management support to the newly formed board of directors of the Projections Managing Partnership (PMP), a group responsible for the infrastructure and direction of state industry and occupational projections. In addition to board and committee administration, Kelly twice organized the PMP Summit, a conference for the PMP, including strategic planning sessions.

Kelly leads research efforts for the customer consultation study group of the Workforce Information Council. Phase one yielded the report, "Labor Market Information Customers and Their Needs: Customer-Oriented LMI Product Innovation," which cataloged product offerings of state labor market information agencies and provided a typology of customers and products to allow state self-assessment. Phase two of the project involves in-depth focus groups with three customer groups identified in the report and listening sessions with state labor market information directors.

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