Peter Ballman

Peter Ballman is a principal of Ballman Khapalova, an architecture practice based in Ithaca and New York City. His primary focus of interest is the integration of normative construction practices and techniques into the architectural design process, and the invention of details to facilitate novel spatial typologies at domestic, urban, and infrastructural scales. He has worked as a designer at Barkow Leibinger in Berlin, and as a senior project manager at Sciame Construction in New York City, working closely with structural, façade, and kinetics fabricators in the coordination, fabrication, and installation of the Culture Shed project.

Ballman holds a bachelor of arts in anthropology from Reed College and a bachelor of architecture from the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture at The Cooper Union. He has taught an integrated studio at Pratt Institute, a summer studio at Cornell in 2017, and has served as a guest critic at The Cooper Union, Pratt, and Cornell.

Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 2101/2102 Second Year Design StudioStudents develop an understanding of context and precedent in the construction of architectural form, and are introduced to contextual and programmatic densities in addition to circulatory, spatial, and organizational strategies in the design process.
  • ARCH 4605/6605 Special Topics in Construction: Mies Variations: Experiments in Langue and ParoleThis course addresses pertinent issues relative to the subject of Construction. The instructor(s) of the course are drawn from the permanent and visiting faculty who may either broadly or narrowly define the course's scope and content. For precise content please see the Architecture Department webpage .