Katharine Rankin

Katharine N. Rankin is an associate professor of geography and planning at the University of Toronto. Her broad research interests include the politics of planning and development, comparative market regulation, feminist and critical theory, neoliberal governance, and social polarization. She is the author of The Cultural Politics of Markets: Economic Liberalization and Social Change in Nepal (Pluto Press and the University of Toronto Press, 2004), and is currently the principle investigator of two research projects funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council — on commercial gentrification in Toronto and on post-conflict transition, livelihoods, and political subjectivity in Nepal.

Rankin's graduate training in planning at Cornell (with supervisor Susan Christopherson, and committee members Lourdes Benerìa and Kathryn March) helped to refine a commitment to social justice, ethnographic methodologies, and interdisciplinarity in planning scholarship. These orientations were first developed during prior work in the U.S.-based community reinvestment movement and the gender and development sector in Nepal.