Judith Eisler

In her paintings, Judith Eisler gathers source imagery from watching films and photographing stills of the footage. She has had solo shows in Vienna, New York City, and Berlin; and group shows in Los Angeles, London, New York City, and Miami. A February 2015 exhibit at the Gavlak Gallery in Los Angeles investigated "the ephemeral and charged space that exists between two characters, between two paintings, between presence and desire, and between viewer and subject."

Since 2009, Eisler has been a professor of painting and animation film at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria.

She credits Cornell with sparking her passion for painting. "Cornell provided me with an opportunity to investigate many disciplines," says Eisler. "But it was clear to me early on that I was most interested in painting. I was in the studio at Olive Tjaden one Saturday night and late for a party when it occurred to me that I would rather be alone with paint and flat rectangles."

Eisler cites Professor Emeritus Eleanore Mikus as "the professor who galvanized my practice with information about artists and abstract wisdom that still impacts my thinking and my teaching. The group critiques were often a challenge but it was there that I learned how to talk about my intentions, how to accept criticism, and how to defend my work."

Eisler lives in Austria and New York City.