John Lai

John Lai (B.Arch. '17) is an artist and designer whose work explores issues of identity, situation, and navigation in the context of a postdigital world. His research interests typically conceive of the built environment as a prosthetic extension to the human body. He is a teaching associate for the Design I and II studios, and a research assistant at the design practice CODA, the firm of Edgar A. Tafel Assistant Professor Caroline O'Donnell, who is the director of the M.Arch. program.

Lai has worked at a wide range of architecture firms in New York City; Girona, Spain; and Berlin. He holds a bachelor of architecture from Cornell University with a minor in fine arts.

Classes (Selected)

  • ARCH 1101 Design IIntroduction to design as a conceptual discipline directed at the analysis, interpretation, synthesis, and transformation of the physical environment. Exercises are aimed at developing an understanding of the issues, elements, and processes of environmental design.
  • ARCH 1102 Design IIContinuation of . Covers human, social, technical, and aesthetic factors related to space and form. Design problems range from those of the immediate environment of the individual to that of small social groups.