Bruce Abbey

After receiving his B.Arch. from AAP in 1966, Bruce Abbey went on to receive a M.Arch. from Princeton University. After several years in professional practice, first as a Peace Corps architect in Tunisia, and then working with Michael Graves and Geddes Brecher Qualls Cunningham, Abbey began what has become a 40-year career in academia, teaching at the University of Virginia, where he was chair and associate dean; and Syracuse University, where he served as dean of the School of Architecture from 1990 to 2002.

On his experience as a B.Arch. student at Cornell, Abbey says, "Probably the most important values that I gained as a student were that teaching was an 'honorable profession,' and the work ethic that all of us had to develop in order to survive!" He cites Lee Hodgdon, H. Peter Kahn,  John Reps, Colin Rowe, Werner Seligman, and John Shaw as the most influential teachers he had as an undergraduate, and also credits Cornell with "allowing me to consider painting as a counterpoint to architecture."

Abbey is currently a professor at Syracuse University.