Yerke Abuova and Melody Zhou: Greetings from Nowhere

Outdoor collage of people standing, sitting in white chairs, laying on the ground, with food, dogs, and a cat included.

Greetings from Nowhere (2020), Digital, 16" x 24".

Greetings From Nowhere consists of paintings, prints, and digital works that discuss the themes of nostalgia, consumerism, familial ties, identity, and alternate realities. They borrow from the visual language of social media, reflecting the artificial, high gloss finish of online spaces. Combining both analog and digital mediums, we investigate the past while making conjectures about the future, specifically in the context of individuals belonging to two different cultures: China and Kazakhstan.

Greetings From Nowhere features work from Yerke Abuova (B.F.A. '23) and Melody Zhou (B.F.A. '23).

Masks must be worn at all times in the Tjaden and Experimental Gallery.

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