Yasmeen Abedifard: Warp and Weave

Blue background with a rug pattern with some bright pink colors on the side edges and a set of yellow and blue eyes in the center looking crooked.

"What is more European, after all, than to be corrupted by the Orient?"

~Richard Howard

The modern classification of textiles into what is called "decorative arts" is often derivative of its artistic worth in the societies it originates from. Textiles can vary vastly in their use, such as being used to tell a family's ancestral narrative, fairy tales, or be acts of repetitive devotion to the divine. Therefore its manifold nature becomes a perfect catalyst for image-making within its diverse lexis. This exhibition asks the viewer to engage with their perception of these "decorations" and watch them come to life with the stories they contain.

Warp and Weave is an exhibition featuring work by Yasmeen Abedifard (M.F.A. '20).

Funded in part by the Cornell Council for the Arts.

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