Yael Erel: Light Topographies

Like entering a spatial microscope, micro-topographies are revealed through a simple act of reflection. This immersive installation is grounded in direct physical phenomena, but ones that challenge the limits of our perception. The installation uses light as a projectional drawing device at the scale of architecture to create otherworldly light drawings. A system composed of a light source, reflector, and the surface onto which the drawings register, inextricably links the drawing to its projection. A soundscape created by Torben Pastore is an integral part of the installation. Light and sound here interact similarly; their correlation is complex but is readily perceived. They address the multi-modal nature of human perception drawing visitors into the wonder and complexity inherent in the simple, physical patterns being transcribed.

Yael Erel is an architect, educator, and light artist, and a licensed architect in New York and registered architect in Israel. She studied at The Cooper Union and Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) where she now teaches. Her work has been published and exhibited at the miSci Museum, Albany Airport, MIT, RPI, the Krakow Biennial, Queens Theater in the Park, the Public Theater's Summer Play Festival in New York City, and Pratt Institute.

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