Women's Planning Forum Visits Rochester

Womens Planning Forum in Rochester

Members of CRP's Women's Planning Forum gather with alumnae on their recent trip to Rochester. photo / provided

April 27, 2016

On Friday, April 22, the Women's Planning Forum (WPF), a graduate student organization in the Department of City and Regional Planning, took a field trip to Rochester, New York, to meet with alumnae and former WPF members.

Tanya Zwahlen (M.R.P. '03) hosted the graduate students and alumnae at her firm, Highland Planning, which is housed in a historic church that Zwahlen refurbished after a fire in 2011.

The women shared their experiences regarding gender dynamics in the workplace, career trajectories, and the ways in which planners can plan with gender in mind.

In attendance were Hannah Bahnmiller (M.R.P. '17), Melanie Colter (M.A. HPP '18), Theo Finn (M.R.P. '02), Carly Fox (M.R.P. '06), Sage Gerling (M.L.A./M.R.P. '07), Jaclyn Hochreiter (M.R.P. '16), Elizabeth Kancilia (M.R.P. '16), Caren Kay (M.R.P. '17), Laura Kenny (M.R.P. '17), Apoorva Kumar (M.R.P. '17), Jessie Masters (M.R.P. '16), Anisa Mendizabal (M.R.P. '09), Elizabeth Murphy (M.R.P. '06), Annie Pease (M.R.P. '16), Jennifer Rowan (M.A. HPP '17), and Zwahlen.

The WPF and alumnae are currently working to strengthen and expand their network of current and former members. 

By Elizabeth Kancilia (M.R.P. '16)

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