Williamson coedits new book on modern architecture and religion

February 12, 2011

Jim Williamson, a visiting associate professor of architecture, has coedited and contributed to an anthology of essays about the influence of religion on Western modern and contemporary architecture. The book, The Religious Imagination in Modern and Contemporary Architecture, published in February by Routledge, examines the relationship between religion and architecture from the late 19th century to the present. Williamson and his coeditor, Renata Hejduk, view the book as a challenge to the perceived secularity of modern and contemporary architecture.

Williamson, a faculty member at Cornell since 2001, is also coeditor and contributor of the forthcoming book The Architecture of Disbelief. He recently published an essay in the online journal Places titled "What Passes for Beauty: A Death in Texas," which describes his assignment to design a gravesite while a young intern at an architectural firm in Midland, Texas.

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