William Demaria and Steven McDonald: Memories of a Faded Landscape

Abstract painting with dark grays and purples with white streaks mixed in, reminiscent of a stormy ocean.

William Demaria, Wallpaper 3 (2019), multiplate engraving and tusche wash resist etching, 7" x 10.25".

Memories of a Faded Landscape explores themes associated with realism and romantic fantasy within the context of climate change and ecological collapse. Steven McDonald '20, displaying a series of naturalistic Plein Air paintings produced in Silicon Valley focused on the conventionally overlooked aspects of the landscape in his struggle to find nature untouched by human development. William Demaria (B.F.A. '20), not convinced that aspects of the natural landscape untouched by human development exists, produced a series of prints that explored ideas surrounding the way the natural landscape was composed historically and its influence on contemporary experience.

This show was created thanks to the sponsorship and support of Associate Professor Greg Page.

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