WI-FI ART presents MEET U.S. Exhibition

Circolo degli Artisti presents an international art exhibit featuring work that will shown for the evening by students from American universities of art and architecture in Rome: Temple University Rome Campus and Cornell in Rome.

In the Main Room will be students from Temple University: Lydia Boehm, Bokulich Lucas, Rosemary Carlson, Megan Craver, Sophie Forman, Cheyenne Gil, Cara Hertneky, Alexis Kandra, Lowerp Christina, Kyle Sulkowski Charlene Uban, Chandler Wigton, Jamie Felton, Devin Kovach, and Dominique Ellis.

In the Red Room art and architecture students from Cornell University in Rome will show Urban Landscapes: Donald Silberman, Weismiller Melanie, Sonny Meng Qi Xu, Terzino Anthony, Andrea Onorato, Adrianne Ngam, Alex Chen, Katie MacDonald, Gretchen Craig, Laura Amaya, Kristina Alford, Radhya Adityavarman, Wajeha Qureshi, Caio Barboza, Stephanie Choe Y, Nicolei Gupit, Alexandra Castillo, Madeline Oliver, Madeline Bender, Yoon Hyuk Choe, Constanza Cortes, Danlu Li,  and an installation by Yi Li.

The Circolo degli Artisti aperitivo begins at 8 p.m. followed by a set by  DJ Robert ENO – Il Pargolo.

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