Virtual Architecture Graduate Open House for Admitted Students, Spring 2022

A modern glass building cantilevered over a road with a metal stair tower attached

Exterior view of Milstein and Sibley halls. photo / provided

Please join us for our virtual spring 2022 open house for admitted students. The virtual segments will include program overviews, highlights of our areas of expertise, and Q&A sessions with program directors. Our Spring Open House webpage will be posted ahead of the sessions allowing you to hear from some of our current students and alums and review our studios, design labs, material fabrication shop and facilities, as well as other College and University facilities. We hope that you will be able to attend this in depth introduction to graduate studies at Cornell.

Department Chair, Program Directors, & Chair of the Ph.D. (HAUD Committee)

  • Caroline O'Donnell, chair of the Department of Architecture, director of the M.Arch. program, Edgar A. Tafel Professor
  • Lily Chi, director of graduate studies, director of the M.S. AAD program, Associate Pr0fessor
  • Jenny Sabin, director of M.S. MDC program, Arthur L. and Isabel B. Wiesenberger Professor in Architecture
  • Esra Akcan, chair of the Ph.D. (HAUD) program committee, Michael A. McCarthy Professor of Architectural Theory

A full list of architecture faculty members is available in the Faculty Directory.

Open House Schedule

9:30 a.m.⁠–11:30 a.m.


Zoom invite provided via email

11 a.m.–1 p.m.


Zoom invite provided via email

11 a.m.⁠–1 p.m.

  Ph.D. (HAUD)

Zoom invite provided via email

11:30 a.m.⁠–1 p.m.

  M.S. MDC

Zoom invite provided via email

Zoom links for this event and a webpage featuring our architecture graduate programs will be sent to all admitted students.

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