Venice Biennale: Ports + Portals: Finding the Citizen Body

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The exhibition Ports and Portals: Finding the Citizen Body, organized and supported by the Department of Architecture, is featured as partner programming of the U.S. Pavilion at the 2018 Venice Biennale of Architecture. An opening reception for the exhibition will be held on May 25 at 4 p.m. at Galeria de Arte Spazio Tempo, Venice, as partner programming for the U.S. Pavilion.

Curated by Luben Dimcheff (B.Arch. '99), assistant professor of architecture, the exhibition features work by architecture students enrolled in the spring 2018 studio The Citizen Body, taught by visiting critics Amanda Williams (B.Arch. '97) and Jonathan Stitelman. In accordance with this year's theme for the U.S. Pavilion — Dimensions of Citizenship — the studio explored new identities for both the occupants and spaces of often overlooked spaces in Venice, presenting an expanded understanding of what it takes to belong.

Projects by:

  • Sadhika Baveja (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Rachael Biggane (B.Arch. '19)
  • Tara Chen Sue (B.Arch. '19)
  • Xiangru Chen (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Eliana Drier (M.Arch. '18)
  • Osehikhueme Etomi (M.Arch. '18)
  • Shang Gao (M.Arch.II '18)
  • Gregory Keller (B.Arch. '19)
  • Melanie Monastirsky (M.Arch. '18)
  • Jeannette Pang (B.Arch. '19)
  • Shovan Shah (M.Arch.II '18)
  • CoCo Tin (B.Arch. '19)
  • Tianjun Xu (M.Arch.II '18)

The U.S. Pavilion is curated by Mimi Zeiger (B.Arch. '94), Ann Lok Liu (B.Arch. '11), and Niall Atkinson (Ph.D. '09). In addition to Ports and Portals, Department of Architecture alumni collaborated on three installations at the biennale — at the U.S. Pavilion, Williams and Andres Hernandez (B.Arch. '97) for Thrival Geographies; at the Egyptian Pavilion, Sara M. Anwar (B.Arch. '02) for Anatomy of Informality; and at the Philippine Pavilion, Edson Cabalfin (Ph.D. HAUD '11) for The City Who Had Two Navels. 

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