Uncle Boy's Landscaping: Towards a Quieter Life

Men gathered in a room with their shirts off gazing at a blank screen with Chinese words written over top of the image.

Detail from Photo Backdrop 1 (2019), vinyl banner, 8' x 8'.

Karaoke is a medium for violence, release, cultural nostalgia, vaguely-Asian-ness, failure, vulnerability, business, politics, sanctuary, rest, community, and perhaps much more (or less).

Towards a Quieter Life offers Tjaden Hall's Experimental Gallery as part-karaoke room, part-venerational reading room for friends, family, lovers, strangers. The gallery will be open to the public to sing songs, watch performances, eat snacks, read books, and reflect on the complicated site and phenomenon that is karaoke.

Uncle Boy's Landscaping is the collaborative practice of Irene Song (B.F.A. '20) and Curtis Ho (B.F.A. '20).

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