The Unbroken Line: Three Generations of Cornell Architects in Puerto Rico

Since the early 1910s AAP has educated and graduated several generations of architects from Puerto Rico. Those who have returned to Puerto Rico to practice have shaped the architecture and urban design of the island for 100 years. On the occasion of the publication of Jesus Eduardo Amaral/Architect, by the Colegio de Arquitectos y Arquitectos Paisajistas de Puerto Rico (CAAPPR) written by Andres Mignucci, AAP NYC convenes a distinguished and representative group of practicing architects — three generations — to present and discuss for the first time this unbroken line. Today, the history of architecture in Puerto Rico cannot be told without referencing the presence and the resulting influence in architecture, urban design, architectural education, and professional practice of this unique and continuing tradition. From the iconic Capitol of Puerto Rico (1929) by Rafael Carmoega ’18, to the seminal Caribe Hilton Hotel (1949) by Toro, Ferrer and Torregrosa (Miguel Ferrer ’38), to the tectonic work of Amaral & Morales (Jesus Amaral ’51), to the award-winning urban design work of Jorge Rigau Arquitectos (Jorge Rigau ’75) and the recently completed AirMaster Gallery by URBANA (Rafael Castro Montes de Oca ’95 and Jose Fernando Vazquez ’95) the collective built work of the Cornell-trained architects is both ubiquitous and notable.

Welcome Remarks

  • Robert Balder, executive director, AAP NYC


  • Warren James (B.Arch. ‘82)


  • Andres Mignucci, FAIA, author, Jesus Eduardo Amaral /Architect (CAAPPR, 2011)


  • Jesus Amaral ’48 (B.Arch. ’51)
  • Jorge Rigau (B.Arch. ’75)
  • Rafael Castro Montes de Oca (B.Arch. ’95)

Reception and book signing will take place immediately following the panel discussion.

Cosponsored by Wallace Roberts & Todd, Studio Santalla, and the Sizemore Group.
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