Two films by David Dixon

unloosened and root (at 5:30 p.m.)


David Dixon is dead (at 7 p.m.)

AAP's own David Dixon (M.F.A. ′10), will preview his double feature cinema/performance piece. Dixon is at the forefront of the DIY digital revolution, beautifully and inexpensively producing these two films, which will be presented at Cornell Cinema. The first movie, Unloosened and Root, will have live director's commentary. In both films Dixon uses a meta/hybrid approach, incorporating characteristics from Film's documentary and narrative forms, and Art's video, performance, painting and sculpture. In a 'real allegory,' Unloosened and Root (2006, 70 min) mourns the death of the Mother, where as, in the sequel, David Dixon is dead. (2009, 85 min), the Father attempts to rehabilitate meaning.  Although, ostensibly about death, Dixon's work is anything but morose; rather, it is filled with colorful characters, unexpected moments and a genuine playfulness. 

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