On Trial: Schoolhouse South Africa Lecture

An open discussion of Cornell's first international student-led design-build initiative

This summer, 28 students traveled to Johannesburg, South Africa to construct an early childhood development center and teacher training facility. After almost two years of planning — including a semester of research which culminated in the publication of a 207-page research atlas and a fully integrated second year comprehensive design studio led by Aleksandr Mergold — the schoolhouse is just two weeks from completion. Students will share their experiences working in a foreign country and address concerns regarding inequality in South Africa and the potential benefits of foreign aid.

Pizza and drinks will be served. Open to all students, faculty and the general public.


  • Jesse McElwain


  • Kai Keane
  • Carly Dean
  • Tom Shouler
  • Mikey Jiang
  • Andrew Fu
  • Shuping Liu
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