Transitions: AAP NYC B.F.A. Group Exhibition

Our perception of the world is in constant transition. Even when we are still the space around us changes from the moment we open our eyes, to the second we become conscious that our perception is our own; it is a customized and simulated reality. Perspectives, beliefs, and opinions are in constant flux. The works in this group exhibition are the result of our individual exploration into notions of space, time, transformation, memory, and how studying in New York City during the spring 2012 semester informed our artistic practice.

Students included in the exhibition:

  • Calvin Kim (B.F.A./B.A. '15), Untitled (2012), mixed media
  • Joy Jihyun Jeong (B.F.A. '14), Fragments (2012), acrylic on raw canvas
  • Jung-Ho Sohn (B.F.A./B.A. '15), Untitled (2012), wood
  • Natani Notah (B.F.A. '14), Why Do I Resemble My Father When I Dance? (2012), video/performance
  • Sara Seyoung Cha (B.F.A. '14), Untitled (2012), acrylic and spray paint on canvas
  • Scarlett Xin Meng (B.F.A. '13), The Autopsy of a Flaneur (2012), found objects placed in plastic bags
  • Tyler Williams (B.F.A./B.A. '15), Tomorrow Will Be Kinder (2012), spray paint & Chipboard
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