Three-Part Talk: Intensity, Extensity, and Potentiality: Toward Scale-Free Robotic Fabrication

A man made series of lines which are overlapping in a sand bed.

Material Topology Research Lab

Advancements in robotic fabrication capacities enable to apply small scale gestures to vast scales. This ability is challenging theory and practice in architecture and landscape architecture design alike. The three-part talk will discuss this shift from various angles.

  • "Potentiality," by Aaron Sprecher, will discuss the implications and theoretical aspects of scale-free robotic fabrication enabled by the coupling of information, sensibility, and the extra-large scale.
  • "Extensity," by Karen Lee Bar-Sinai, will discuss the application of robotic tools to vast scales of architectural groundscapes, offering an opportunity to reconstitute native matter through digital fabrication.
  • "Intensity," by Tom Shaked, will focus on how increased sensing capacities enable us to introduce sensitivity into digital fabrication, offering a chance to augment the sensibility of the human hand to numerous architectural scales.
Cosponsored by the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute and the RUCH Exchange Grant.
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