Tao DuFour: Colonnofagia and the Dissolution of the Wall

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The exhibition consists of a series of drawings and a sequence of slides, which describe the process of the construction of a column-wall artifact. The drawings are, in effect, construction documents. The extended title of the project is Colonnofagia and the Dissolution of the Wall in Piranesi's Campo Marzio – The Case of Plate XIV and the Church of S. Nicola in Carcere. DuFour's work for the Rome Prize was an interrogation and appropriation of Piranesi's Campo Marzio folio, with reference to a Roman Republican and medieval monument, made visible in Piranesi’s folio in terms of its partial representation. This representation can be experienced in the contemporary city as a partial presentation: the consumption of the Republican temple's columns — colonnofagia — and the dissolution of the walls of the medieval church. The play on representational absence as a projection of history in Piranesi, and the real presence of the monument became an object of theoretical inquiry guiding the work.

DuFour was the architecture fellow 2013–14 at SARUP/UWM, and held the Rome Prize in Architecture 2012–13 at The British School at Rome. His work explores the overlaps between architecture, philosophy, and anthropology. DuFour relates these research interests to his design work, which investigates possibilities for mediating traditional and computational techniques, specifically as regards the connectivity between synthetic and analytic approaches to geometry.

A visiting critic in the Department of Architecture, DuFour studied at The Cooper Union and Cambridge University.

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