Taber Colletti: Static

Static, was a multichannel video installation by Taber Colletti (B.F.A. ’13) and was funded in part by the Cornell Council for the Arts.

An old man recollects the final days of World War II, which he spent on a beach in France. Waiting for the American troopships to retrieve them, he and his fellow soldiers pitched their tents on the beach; "a little city of tents" where they lived and waited for days, turning to weeks. As the old man pauses to retrieve the full details of this memory, his mind short-circuits to his first semester at Colgate University — too many freshmen had been admitted after the war came to its "quick and beautiful end," and many students were made to stay on the academic quad in tents. Speaking of these days, the old man is short-circuited again back to France, and on this closed circuit he sails between the two settings of his youth, never fully painting a picture of either. Waiting to be taken on an airplane ride around his hometown, this man sits puzzled by his ungrounded memories before being floated toward the sublime god’s eye view of a sunset landscape.

This static back and forth is whence this exhibition takes its title. The man's memory tracing the same path over and over echoes the events on the other projections throughout the room: the mechanical door, creaking (like his rusty dialogue) up and down; a propeller sweeping across the screen but moving the a plane nowhere; and the quiet circular shots of a sunset horizon taken from an airplane — round and round and back and forth.

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