Sustaining Sustainability: Alternative Approaches in Urban Ecology and Architecture

The 2012 Hans and Roger Strauch Symposium on Sustainable Design

The accelerating transformation of the natural environment by humans suggests that the built environment is now becoming the context for ecosystems. It may no longer be possible to consider the built environment as merely asserting negative impact on the natural environment; instead, built and natural environments need to be equally considered as habitats for biodiversity. It now seems necessary to shift toward a non-anthropocentric model that favors the interaction of species with the built environment. On an urban scale, such efforts have long taken shape in the interdisciplinary work of urban ecology, yet on a building scale new methods are not yet clear. In light of shifts in ecological thinking, how can architecture develop to include the necessary insights, knowledge, concepts, and working methods? This symposium looks to further discussion about this changed culture of environment.

The symposium is organized jointly by the Cornell University Department of Architecture and the Oslo School of Architecture and Design Research Center for Architecture and Tectonics.
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