Structural Systems Class Models, Fall 2019

Photograph of a wooden model in the shape of a square, whose interior consists of a series of interconnected triangles for support.

Olivia Meyers (M.Arch. '20), Anbar Orezi (M.Arch. '20), Michael Paraszczak (M.Arch. '20), Structures Model (2018). William Staffeld / AAP

Columns and walls. Beams and beam grids, diagrids and reciprocal framing systems. Trusses and space frames and tensegrity systems. Braced frames, rigid frames, and shear walls. Suspension and stayed cable systems. Cable nets as well as fabric membranes. Arches, vaults, and domes. Slabs, folded plates, and curvilinear shells.

Mark Cruvellier's Structural Systems class examines the 3D structural systems that are used in buildings — both how they "work" in terms of their mechanical function and how they can be related to conceptual design ideas and form and space-making objectives. This exhibition features models constructed this semester. Cruvellier is the Nathaniel and Margaret Owings Distinguished Alumni Memorial Professor in Architecture and the senior associate dean of academic affairs.

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