Spring 2021 Urban Data Science Lecture Series

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The spring 2021 edition of the Urban Data Science Lecture Series includes a series of invited lecturers to show various tools and methodologies to analyze data. Topics include projects on transportation, housing markets, simulation models, and more. These invited lecturers will present their recent work by focusing on what data they use, what type of data it is, how the data is collected and managed, how the data are analyzed, and how data are utilized and protected from unethical use, with special attention given to privacy concerns.

Each lecture will be recorded live Thursday evenings and played the following Friday morning, which includes a live Q&A session with the speaker.

Live Lecture: Thursdays, 7:30–8:30 p.m. ET

Recorded Viewing, Live Q&A Sessions: Fridays, 10:00–11:00 a.m. ET

2021 Spring Speaker Series

Lecture Organization Dates
Fauzul Rizal Sutikno (Ph.D. CRP '20) Universitas Brawijaya, Indonesia April 1st–2nd, 2021
Dafeng Xu (Ph.D. CRP '17) University of Washington, Washington, USA April 8th–9th, 2021
Ziye Zheng (Ph.D. RS '18) Princeton University, New Jersey, USA April 15th–16th, 2021
Yuanshuo Xu (M.R.P. '13, Ph.D. CRP '19) Zhengjiang University, China April 29th–30th, 2021
Jingwen Li (M.A. RS '16) University of Bonn, Germany May 6th–7th, 2021
Arash Beheshtian (Ph.D. CRP '16) Altum Group Advisors, USA May 13th–14th, 2021

The Seminar Series will take place virtually via Zoom. If you would like to attend a lecture, please contact the Department of City and Regional Planning, via crpinfo@cornell.edu.

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