Solveig Landa and Åse Anda: Grafisk Verksted and Art Practice in Stavanger, Norway

Work by Åse Anda

Detail of Ad Infinitum (2014), video still, animation from handmade book with prints, drypoint, etching. Cover format (unfolded) 43cm x 80cm.

Solveig Landa and Åse Anda are artists based in Stavanger, Norway. Printmaking, book arts, and installation are fundamental to their practices. Landa's work is concerned with human rituals that deal with forces in nature: our experiences of, and reactions towards, natural disasters and other phenomena. Anda's work explores intersections of the mathmatical and the magical, the rational and the intuitive. 

During this lecture, Anda and Landa will discuss their art and process, show images of their work, and talk about their experience working at and managing the Grafisk Verksted Stavanger print studio. 

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