Simone Gheduzzi/Diverserighestudio: Victor Hugo Cathedral

Rendering of the Interior of wooden cathedral

Rendering of Victor Hugo Cathedral. photo / provided

Cornell in Rome Fall 2019 Lecture Series

Simone Gheduzzi studied at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and at the University of Ferrara. He subsequently developed his studies in Edinburgh and London. Since 2012 he has taught theory of contemporary architectural research at the University of Bologna. In 2003 he established diverserighestudio, where he develops the guidelines of the projects and carries out multidisciplinary research activity, attempting to make visible different forms of knowledge and seeking a continuous dialogue between architectural theory and practice. He is dedicated to humanistic inquiry, raising questions about time and space, about icons and symbols, about will and desire, about perception and reality — with the goal of better understanding the forces that determine architectural thought. He conceives composition as a dynamic relation between theme and program, an aesthetic in which underground knowledge becomes tangible. Urban philosophy and social innovation inform the projects, addressing the challenge of diffusing culture in the development of urban contexts.  

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