Sierra Bainbridge: Beyond the Building

Sierra Bainbridge Lecture

Ilima Primary School by MASS Design Group. photo / MASS Design Group

FXFOWLE Lecture on Sustainability, Urbanism, and Design

Sierra Bainbridge is the senior director at MASS Design Group. Bainbridge began work with MASS in 2008, focusing on landscape architecture, and joined full time in 2009 to finalize design and oversee construction implementation of the Butaro Hospital, MASS's first project. Currently Bainbridge directs the ongoing design and implementation of MASS's planning and architectural projects and is overseeing the Kayanja Center, an academic facility supporting rural healthcare delivery and research in Uganda; a number of African conservation schools in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Tanzania, Zambia, and Rwanda; and the Butaro Hospital expansion plan, among others. Completed projects include the Butaro Hospital, the Umubano Primary School, the Butaro Doctors' Housing, and the Butaro Ambulatory Cancer Center.

Prior to joining MASS, Bainbridge worked at James Corner Field Operations, focusing on the design and oversight of implementation of Section 1 of the New York City High Line.

Bainbridge has taught graduate level studios at various universities and from 2010–12 she served as head of the architecture department at the Kigali Institute of Science and Technology in Rwanda, where she was instrumental in shaping the current curriculum.

Bainbridge is invited to speak regularly, including the keynote address at the Healthcare Design Conference, serving as a Sasaki Distinguished Visiting Critic at the Boston Architectural College, and lecturing at the "Carter Lectures in African Studies" series, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, University of Toronto, and the American Institute of Architects, among others. Her work has been featured in several publications including: A+U Magazine, Lotus, Mark Magazine, and Detail.

Bainbridge received her bachelor of arts in art and architectural history from Smith College, and her master of landscape architecture and master of architecture from the University of Pennsylvania.

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