Shift was a group exhibition that included: Eliza Kuzmenko (B.F.A. ′16), Thanh Nguyen (B.F.A. ′16), Rachael Schimmoller (B.F.A. ′16), Melody Stein (B.F.A. ′16), and Jin Young Yoo (B.F.A. ′16).

This show aims to reinterpret and define the idea of a shift or continuous oscillation. Although each of the individual pieces may seem disparate at first, on closer inspection they all tie to the central theme of moving and transforming between space, time, form, and cultural perceptions. Stein's work investigates the mediation of public and private space and how we conduct ourselves differently depending on the societal influences of a space. Nguyen examines the effects of light, darkness, color, and shape in order to create a shift in the viewer's perspective of something two dimension into a falsely three dimensional space. Yoo also explores the shifting boundaries of public vs. private in his large-scale paintings and mixed-media pieces. Schimmoller's collages and paintings frankly and candidly aim to shift Western society's obsession with modesty and normalcy to a different perspective on the human body. Kuzmenko also deals with the shifting back and forth of identities and functions in her installation. 

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