Sherman Cochran: The Greatest Cornellian: Hu Shih, Class of 1914

Hu Shih, Class of 1914

To create a forum for scholars, researchers, and students with interests in any aspect of contemporary China, the East Asia Program has established the Cornell Contemporary China Initiative (CCCI). In response to widely expressed needs and interests related to contemporary China across and beyond Cornell campus, the CCCI will identify and invite distinguished guests to the university to give talks on a wide array of issues about contemporary Chinese economy, politics, and society. The CCCI will expand East Asia Program's intellectual engagement with a wide range of Cornell faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students including those in the professional schools and STEM fields, in an effort to reach across colleges and disciplinary boundaries and interact with a broader constituency at the university.

CCCI hosts its inaugural lecture on November 20. Professor Sherman Cochran, the Hu Shih Professor of Chinese History Emeritus, nominates the man named in his chair professorship, Hu Shih (1891–1962), who graduated from Cornell one hundred years ago, as his candidate for the title of the greatest Cornellian. Cochran will detail Hu Shih's profound intellectual and personal awakenings during his days at Cornell and expand upon how these moments defined his life as a brilliant philosopher, trenchant critic, influential language reformer, and international diplomat.

Professor Fred Logevall will begin with a brief statement about CCCI followed by an introduction of the speaker by Professor Robin McNeal. There will be a reception immediately following the talk on the Baker Portico, Physical Sciences Building.

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