Shaping Architects = Shaping Architecture

Preston H. Thomas Memorial Lecture Series, 2010

The symposium, led by Professor Christian Otto and Professor Dagmar Richter, proposes an ambitious agenda — nothing less than re-examining our concepts of teaching architectural design. This two-day event will involve the participation of several renowned architects and critics. The symposium draws on the experiences and insights of a core group of challenging educators and will address a matrix of critical issues: teaching arrangements and ideologies of foundational programs in architecture, how techniques and theory determine design processes and shape results, and what discourses have been generated within the architecture school that managed to influence larger social constructs. A significant part of the conference will be dedicated to discussions among speakers, faculty, and students, and is intended to amplify and interrogate the presentations. The conference will include an exhibition on “Rowe X Ungers: Untold Collaborations on the City during the 60s and 70s at Cornell.” This exhibit will explore the common purpose of these seminal thinkers in promoting a theory of architecture based on new methodologies and modes of thought. The conference proceedings will be published in book form.

The Preston H. Thomas Memorial Lecture Series is funded through a gift from Ruth and Leonard B. Thomas in memory of their son, Preston.
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